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 Metal materials are indispensable in numerous industries, prized for their remarkable properties such as strength, ductility, malleability, and electrical and thermal conductivity. Yet, these materials inevitably degrade over time due to dissolution (corrosion), particularly in challenging operational environments, diminishing their extraordinary attributes. By understanding the dissolution processes of metals, our research not only fosters the sustainable use of precious resources but also supports global environmental conservation efforts.
 In our laboratory, we delve into a wide array of materials ranging from ferrous to diverse types of non-ferrous metals. Our investigations encompass projects as small as nano-sized catalysts and as large as major infrastructural components like bridges. We also study materials used across various sectors, including energy, infrastructure, and healthcare, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of our work. Despite the vast scope of our research, a common thread ties our projects together: unraveling the complex mechanisms of material degradation. This focus positions us to tackle significant societal issues linked to material use and sustainability.
 We are eager to welcome international students passionate about contributing to this cutting-edge research and making a real impact in these critical areas. Join our dynamic team and be part of a community dedicated to pioneering solutions for a better tomorrow.

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